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The Merchant Baku is situated in the magnificent building that once housed the Caspian Shipping Company. Built in 1858, the iconic architecture reflects one of the most dynamic and important periods of Azerbaijani history.

The opulent building of The Merchant Baku stands in the heart of what was once Baku’s trading and commercial center. Located in former Olginskaya Street, named after Grand Duchess Olga, the spouse of the Caucasian Viceroy, Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov, this iconic building reflected the spirit of the Baku’s spectacular growth and status at this time as an important center for commerce, industry and culture.

Designed by Polish architect Konstantin Borisoglebski, also Chief Architect of Baku, the building was commissioned in 1912 at the height of Baku’s prosperity to house one of the city’s most prestigious shopping centers – the Olginski Shopping Center.

Given its location close to Baku’s first commercial dock of Kavkaz i Merkuri, it made perfect sense for the building to become the headquarters of the Caspian Shipping Company. During the ‘Oil Boom’ in the late 19th and early 20th century, the city produced over 50 per cent of the world’s crude oil, which led to Baku becoming a major center for sea transportation and gaining the reputation as the ‘Paris of the Caucasus’.

Today, the building preserves many original features from one of the most important periods in Azerbaijani history, including magnificent moldings, stonework, fireplaces, balustrade and staircases.

Surrounded by exclusive brand boutiques and first class restaurants and cafés, the luxurious and beautifully-renovated Merchant Hotel speaks of Baku’s historic past while also highlighting its stylish present and promising future.